Learn How to Start and Grow a Profitable Online Business While Serving on Active Duty

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to provide service members with the tools, resources, and guidance needed to establish and grow a successful online business while serving on active duty.

We are committed to developing a robust educational platform that helps service members balance military duties with entrepreneurship and assists with transitioning from military life to civilian success, thereby reducing unemployment and homelessness among veterans.

Our vision is to be the leading resource for active-duty military personnel aspiring to become entrepreneurs.

We aim to foster an environment where service members can thrive in dual roles, mastering entrepreneurial skills that pave the way to a secure and prosperous future, even after their service ends.

By investing in our service members today, we envision a world where every veteran has the tools and opportunities to succeed in the civilian economy."

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Our blog is more than just business advice; it's a dedicated guide for active duty military venturing into entrepreneurship.

Here, you'll find insights on:

🪖 Balancing your service commitments with entrepreneurship.

🪖 How to start a legitimate online business that earns passive income 24/7 regardless if you're in the field, deployed, or home on the couch.

🪖 The unique challenges military personnel face when wanting to start a business while on active duty.


Our online training is designed with you in mind.

It has been put together by a service member, for service members.

🪖 Our courses offer a wide range of topics to boost your knowledge with flexible and self-paced learning.

🪖 Available 24/7 allowing you to learn at your own pace, whether you're stateside or deployed.

🪖 With our online library, you can access your courses no matter where your duty takes you 🫡


Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand, our website provides a wealth of resources covering all aspects of online business.

🪖 Access an exclusive network of service members who share your entrepreneurial spirit.

🪖 This community is a priceless asset, offering support and insights from people who are on the same journey.

Meet Del Cromartie

A remarkable individual who embodies the spirit of both an active duty servicemember and a dedicated entrepreneur.

Del's journey is one of resilience, adaptability, and a burning passion for success.

As someone who has navigated the intricate terrain of business ownership while serving on active duty, he brings a wealth of invaluable experience to the table.

SFC Cromartie's path has been far from ordinary.

Balancing the demands of military service with the pursuit of entrepreneurial dreams, he has encountered and conquered challenges that most would find overwhelming.

Through years of dedication and learning, Del has emerged as a successful entrepreneur and a guiding light for fellow service members who aspire to make their mark in the online business world.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by servicemembers, Del founded Active Duty Entrepreneur.

This venture is more than just a platform; it's a community and lifeline for military entrepreneurs seeking mentorship and guidance in what it truly takes to start and grow an online business.

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